WMHDay report in Spanish

There is a Spanish translation of the WMH Day report available on the World Mental Health Day page

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The WONCA Fellowship has been made to Professor Gabby Ivbijaro

WONCA is the World Organization of Family Doctors, representing over 550,000 family doctors in 150 countries and territories.   

The WONCA Fellowship is WONCA's most prestigious award. It is awarded to individuals who have rendered outstanding service to the WONCA organization and is awarded every two years at meetings of the WONCA World Council.  

The award has been made to Professor Gabby Ivbijaro for his long service to WONCA, including time as the Chair of the WONCA Working Party on Mental Health, and for his services to mental health services generally, and in particular to mental health services at community level.

WFMH 2016 Conference, Cairns, Australia

A short impression of the opening of the WFMH 2016 Conference in Cairns, Australia


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